• Bring your idea to life​ this fall.

    7 days productivity retreat in the heart of Transylvania to finally get your project done.

  • Accomplish your #1 project in 7 days

    Come, relax and get your most meaningful project done in the Log House.

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    Live with 5 to 8 like-minded digital nomads in a wonderful house in the heart of Romania. Take a break from busy life, relax and join your tribe.

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    Is there a project you want to get done? Writing a book, coding an app, launching a business, learning a new skill? Get relaxed and focused in the log house and your productivity will skyrocket

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    Enjoy life in a luxurious villa with exceptional comfort. Private bathrooms, 500mbs internet, breathtaking sightseeing and nature everywhere.

  • Get in the flow every day

    You don't need to worry about anything. Just come, relax and build something.

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    Accountability meetings

    Let's keep each other on track

    Let's take a moment every morning to talk about what you plan to achieve today and what you did yesterday. Accountability makes things happen! 

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    Networking & Community

    Live, collaborate, laugh with like-minded people

    Live an amazing experience and make long-lasting connections and friendships. Share talent and experiences with other ambitious and fascinating people.

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    Deep Focus hours


    No disturbance hours every morning

    There is time for talking and having fun, and there is time for deep work. No talking is allowed in the main room between 9 and 12 am every day, so you can totally concentrate.

  • In the heart of Romania

    the house is situated next to Bran, in Transilvania. Transfer from Bucharest airport included

  • Pricing for the week


    All including:

    • Co-working space
    • Accountability meetings
    • Deep Focus hours
    • 500 mbs wifi


    Influencer ticket

    • Your own bedroom
    • Your own bathroom
    • Only co-working and events
  • Apply for the next Log House Retreat

    Only 5 rooms available! October 2017
    APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15th of August

  • Who's behind the Log House

    Hi, I'm Tom, the founder and organizer of the Log House

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    A little bit about myself

    Your nice bold bald guy

    My name is Tom Gauthier, I'm a 27 years old French web entrepreneur and Digital Nomad.

    My passion is turning great ideas into reality, for myself and for others.

    I've always been fascinated by the idea of living for a few weeks in a small house in the mountains, clearing my mind and creating something.


    A few things led me to start this project:

    • We are more creative and productive when we isolate ourselves and cut out distractions
    • We (Digital Nomads) are often too isolated and we love spending time with like-minded people
    • Accountability in a group always produces great results.
    I really hope to see you soon in the Log House!

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    Join the Log House Influencer edition

    Only 5 rooms available. Pick your week in October 2017

  • Eating, Going Out and Learning

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    Multiple options available.

    Food is not included in the price, but here are a few options:

    - The closest restaurant offers 3 meals delivered per day for 22€

    - Delivered groceries from the supermarket

    - Multiple local restaurants in the city (from 5 to 20 minutes' walk)


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    Outdoor Activities

    Enjoy the legendary region of Transylvania

    Go for a walk in the woods, or for a day of hiking in the mountains. The Log House is situated near to Dracula's Castle and the beautiful city of Brasov. We will have the opportunity to visit the region during the weekend and enjoy the local nightlife as well!

  • Contact

    Do you have any questions or doubts about the project, reach me using this form!